Due to its SME-based character and its relatively wide end-application portfolio, the European plastics converting industry is still doing quite well and they remain largely anchored within Europe with their production facilities. Nonetheless, a lot of sectoral job-vacancies for technicians remain open for a long time. This is attributed to the following reasons:

(i) young people are not finding their way to technical studies preparing for this sector, forcing the industry to hire either graduates from other technical tracks or even people without the necessary technical background (trained on the job);

(ii) For experienced technicians, there are no known offerings for re-training these people towards the plastics processing industry. Unlike larger companies (e.g. automotive or chemical industry), the plastics converting SME’s have very few inhouse (re)training possibilities and rely on VET programmes offered by external (education or sector-representative) organizations.

The ReMOULD modular training programme is developed specifically to address the latter issue. It is developed within the framework of the ReMOULD project, which is an EU funded project of the Life Long Learning Programme (2012-2014).

The course explicitly does not seek to re-train learners from zero, but capitalizes on the existing general technical knowledge of the trainee. Only a limited part of the course will consist of text material. Rather, the focus will be on hands-on learning in the workplace and the use of digital tools for the supervision of the injection moulding or mould making process.