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What do you get? 

ReMOULD is not developed as a course book, but as a scenario for the sector-competent trainer. The detailed scenario will guide the trainer step-by-step in teaching the ReMOULD modules. The scenario is supported by a trainer manual, powerpoint presentations, movies, posters and practical examples. As an additional support, the trainees are given a set of checklists and pocket-sized handouts of useful information, which they can continue to use during their career in injection moulding or mould making. 

All materials for the trainer are in English. The learning materials for the trainee are either in English or, depending on tier mother tongue, in Dutch, Portuguese or Slovene.

what do you need?

In order to work with the ReMOULD materials, the trainer will need a laptop and a good internet connection during the training. 


ReMOULD full training package
The ReMOULD project partners can be contacted to arrange a tailored training (one or more modules) with your company.

Trainees will receive a certificate and the training handouts.

Pricing is case-by-case, please use the contact form for more information.


ReMOULD training materials

A sector-competent trainer can buy the ReMOULD materials, which will guide him to teach the training.

Included materials: the ReMOULD teaching scenario (EN), online access to powerpoints and movies, printed posters and trainee handouts.

Available languages: EN, NL, PT, SI

Price per module:

single use (60 hours access) € 500

one year access € 1500

25% discount when buying all modules 



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