Injection Moulding process controller (module 1)

The injection moulding process controller has a keen grasp of the injection moulding process and a basic understanding of related aspects like the properties of the polymer material, the injection mould and the part geometry. He is able to supervise a production of injection moulded parts, to start up a new mould by following a digital checklist and to restart an interrupted production series.

By following module 1, a trainee with a technical background can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become an injection moulding process controller.

Mould Making technical controller (module 2)

The mould making technical controller works at the mould maker. It is his mission to deliver a good quality mould. He understands the proper workings of a mould, the purpose of all its composing parts and how mould geometry (and finish) will affect the final product. He is able to take into account factors such as cost and production time and can execute relevant mould (making) simulations. Using a digital checklist, he can supervise the assembly of the final mould and can correct any oversights at this stage.

By following module 2, a trainee with a technical background in tooling or production techniques can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become a mould making technical controller.

Injection Moulding technical advisor (module 3)

The injection moulding technical supervisor is a more advanced profile. He can function as a technical link between the mould maker and the injection moulder by taking a new mould into production.

The skills of the technical advisor include reading a 2D mould drawing, troubleshooting and optimizing an injection moulding process, and adapting an existing injection moulding process for small changes.

By following module 3, a trainee with the necessary basic skills (an injection moulding operator or a trainee from modules 1 and 2), can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become an injection moulding technical advisor.


Module 1: Injection Moulding


technical background (any)


In module 1, the trainee is taught:

The principle of injection moulding and the workings of an injection machine
Which additional equipment is used
The components and working of an injection mould
The relevant properties of polymer materials
The running of a moulding cycle, including start-up and shutdown
How to change to a new mould on the machine

Resulting profile: Injection Moulding process controller

Module 2: Mould Making


technical background in mechanical production techniques OR injection moulding. If the trainee’s only relevant prior experience is the following of module 1, an effective working experience of at least 6 months in injection moulding is required.


In module 2, the trainee learns the following skills:

Understanding of the workings of a mould
Identifying the different parts of a mould and understanding their function of mould
Understanding the process of making the mould and the related information flow within the company
Being able to select a mould material and mould finish
Understanding the opportunities and threats of flow simulations
The ability to perform production simulations and integrate CAM techniques into the mould making process
Assembling of a mould with the use of a digital checklist and knowing where it can go wrong

Resulting profile: Mould Making technical controller

Module 3: Advanced injection moulding


career experience as injection moulding operator OR having previously followed modules 1 and 2


In module 3, the trainee learns the following skills:

Reading a mould 2D drawing
Starting up a new mould, guided by a digital checklist
Troubleshooting the injection moulding process
Analyzing occurring faults on the product and linking them back to mould, process, geometry or material
The use of relevant apps and available information sources
Understanding the impact of small changes like the use of a new material and adjusting the process for these changes.

Resulting profile: Injection Moulding technical advisor