The ReMOULD project is realized by a close cooperation between several actors from the injection moulding and mould making field, bringing together the expertise from their respective fields.

The pedagogical aspect is carried by the academic institutes, who are also mainly responsible for the development of the training materials.

The sector representative organizations all have experience in vocational training and are considered a good industry resonant, with a broader view on industrial needs than the individual companies. They contribute to the project in an advisory capacity on the course content and evaluation, as well as by spreading the results of ReMOULD through their extensive networks.

The participating companies are considered as end users of the Re-MOULD programme. They have an important advisory capacity on the required content of the course and provide evaluation possibilities for the developed training material by facilitating field-tests of the Re-MOULD program at their company.

ReMOULD is a Transfer of Innovation project under the Leonardo da Vinci Life Long Learning Programme (agreement nr 2012-LDV-TOI-504).